The £7K-a-year computer — WIRED

If you want to get an idea of how the UK public sector came to spend £17 billion per year — that’s the equivalent of 30-odd new hospitals — on information technology as recently as

Fin-tech: Sleeping with the Enemy — Informilo

Square, the first start-up to enable self-employed professionals and small merchants to accept card payments via smartphones and tablets,processed payments of over $10 billion in 2012.

Peace and Quiet, On Demand — Informilo

A New Twist On The Sharing Economy: Peace And Quiet On Demand
Submitted by James Silver on June 6, 2013

Zigzagging the stage at Le Web London 2013 as he pitched his new startup Breather

Europe’s Got Talent — Informilo

By James Silver, Contributing Writer, on May 24, 2013

An invited audience drawn from 50 high-growth companies and investors gathered at the Irish Embassy in London on May 22nd to hear a panel discussion organized

Funding the Robot Revolution — WIRED

Interview with Dmitry Grishin,
By James Silver

There’s something of the Victorian freak show about the World Maker Faire — a three-day annual makers’ jamboree held at the New York Hall of Science in Queens

A Start-up Talent Factory — Informilo

By James Silver,

An ever-growing number of tech incubators and accelerators select start-ups based on the strength of their teams, rather than their business ideas, which frequently fizzle out in their earliest iterations.

Why Policy Should Matter To Start-Ups — Informilo

by James Silver,
April 2nd 2013.

The Coalition for a Digital Economy (Coadec) is an independent non-profit lobbying group which represents tech start-ups and entrepreneurs to government on policy and regulatory issues.

Bringing Hardware up to Speed — WIRED

By James Silver

Bolt, a Boston-based accelerator programme for hardware companies, will aim to hothouse promising startups in the space and take them from idea to store shelves.

Profile: Beppe Grillo –BBC Radio 4

Beppe Grillo has achieved a stunning success in the Italian elections with the performance of the new citizens’ protest network – the Five Star Movement.

He is its guiding star, a comedian-turned politician.

An interview with WPP’s Mark Read — Informilo

Digital Or Die: An Interview With WPP’s Mark Read
Submitted by James Silver on March 1, 2013

Global digital advertising spend broke through the $100 billion barrier last year, according to eMarketer, meaning that desktop

The Operator-Start-up Connection — Informilo

By James Silver
Contributing Writer

With their beanbags, primary-color decor and the obligatory table-football areas, tech start-up workplaces have long become something of a self-parody.

After the Tech Incubator Bubble — WIRED

30th May 2012.
By James Silver

Back in February 2009, Kristian Hiiemaa, then 29, bootstrapped Erply, a business-software startup, with three other developers in Tallinn, Estonia.

If you like it, leave a tip — WIRED

14 DECEMBER 2010

The cofounder of the Pirate Bay wants to monetise appreciation

In April 2009 the Finnish-Norwegian Pirate Bay cofounder Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi, 31, was found guilty — with three

Snap, crackle and pap — The Guardian

The Kate Middleton affair has put the spotlight on the extraordinary cat-and-mouse game that the press and the young royals play By James Silver, The Guardian, Monday 15 January 2007

Rain pattered on the white

Interview with Peter Oborne — The Guardian

‘I had no idea what a news story was’ —  Peter Oborne, former Spectator political editor, has abandoned the office and become one of New Labour’s most feared political commentators.